What Are The ‘Cultural Norms’ Of Torch of Faith?

The Torch of Faith Code

The Torch of Faith Code is our cultural compact.

It’s our values agreement. The code is what we’re saying we’re really stirred up about. These are the things we’ll take a bullet for, we’ll bleed for, and we’ll go down with the ship for. Whatever else we DO, this is who we’re going to be.


1. We Will Severely Inconvenience Ourselves To Help People Find Their Way Back To God.  –
People far from God matter. We will severely inconvenience ourselves to help people find their way back to God. The spiritually lost and seeking are weightiest on God’s heart, and He doesn’t want to do eternity without them (see 1 Timothy 2:3–4). We will prioritize significant individual and church-wide intentionality with those who don’t yet know Christ as forgiver and leader. We will reach them in their world.

2. Acceptance Is Where The Conversation Begins –
Jesus loves people. We will love people “as they are” while patiently messaging vision for where they’re going with Christ.


 3. No One Gets Healthier on Cake –
Guests don’t have to believe the Bible to attend Torch of Faith, but we unapologetically teach from the scriptures because we’re convinced that God’s word, as it was originally written, uniquely changes hearts and makes disciples.  We don’t alter it but present it ‘as-is’ for maximum life-change and healthiest disciples. We will always use all means available to us to charge, call, and assist people to take their next Spiritual Growth steps.

4. The Best “U” Is In Community 
Everyone suffers without community. We believe we are on the greatest team in the world and that teammates need one another.  We will stir ourselves and others into the discipline of community for the purpose of Spiritual Growth.

5The Rested are Smart and Strong –
All of God’s creation seems to declare that He is a God of replenishing cycles. We will not live in perpetual frazzle and stress. We will seek to build sustainable lifestyles of excellence by building seasons of focus and space, charging and resting, building and pruning, into life.

6. We Can’t Give What We Don’t Have –
We will prioritize significant time with God the Spirit through spiritual disciplines for the purpose of being close to and adoring our Savior.  We will never shipwreck our walk with God or family for the sake of ministry.

7. No Church Can Have More than One Vision –
Torch of Faith is united around the vision God has given Pastor Carter as Lead Pastor. We will aggressively pursue and defend that vision.

8. Kneel to Rise –
We are never more like Jesus than when we serve. Servant leaders are heaven’s hidden rockstars and servant’s heart is the heart of any Torch of Faith ministry. The truly ‘great’ will zealously follow their Master and take a towel before they take a spotlight (see Matthew 20:16John 13:13–15).  As servant leaders and as a church, we will aggressively and humbly pursue the spiritual fruit that glorifies the Father (John 15:8).

Torch of Faith Leadership Compact