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Our Purpose

Our purpose is straightforward: to develop prevailing followers of Jesus Christ who walk with Him step-by-step. Torch of Faith church is a unique voice in the landscape of Lake County area churches, one that we want to see make a difference for generations to come.

Our Vision

Our strongest conviction is that we must become a place the generations to come to know Jesus, and we must remove every obstacle in their way from reaching and discipling people effectively.

What could keep us from this?

For all God has done, ministry is not without it’s challenges.

  • Parking – people can’t stay where they can’t park. The greatest hindrance we have is our limited parking. Presently, while our auditorium can seat 475, only 167 can actually ever park attend.
  • Neglect – A beautiful, but aging, building won’t retain tomorrow’s lost folks. Our building isn’t getting any younger and increasingly looks out-dated and perpetually in progress to our guests. Our space will continue to age, becoming increasingly irrelevant.
  • Inertia – Being satisfied is the surest way to ignore the voice of God. If we keep putting off becoming the more appealing church we are called to be, when on this side of eternity will it ever get done? If WE don’t take responsibility now for reaching the coming generations with environments they prefer and understand, who will? Will we step up For Those To Come? If we don’t, we will begin to waffle without growth, deep in debt, never living up to our calling.

Why Upgrading Must Take Place

Jesus was clear that He came, not for those who were healthy, but those who were sick (see Mark 2:17). Torch of Faith must stay ahead of the curve in making sense to those who are still sick.

Those to come need to learn about the love and forgiveness of Jesus in spaces that look like the other spaces in their lives. Think about the coffee shops, shopping malls, and great arenas that you love to visit. They probably have a distinct look and feel that makes them more enjoyable.

Well, the people Jesus wants to reach feel that way too. Through larger, more appealing Worship Experiences, more people engaged for the gospel in our VIP, Next Steps, and Care & Prayer environments, and conference level facilities, we’ll be able to welcome people who are speculative about what they think of as traditional churches into environments that are clearly about Jesus, yet also about them feeling at home.