Make It Rain: The Cure for Constant Distraction

Do you ever get angry because of all the stuff you have to do? And is more really always more? What about when you’re serving? Get some pro tips from MacKenzie Carter in this week’s chock-full-of-wisdom message and discover how the value of being with and listening to Jesus is our ultimate priority. Look out! Here comes some encouragement!

Make It Rain: What we need to ask of our priorities

Are you ready to get sincerious with yourself? Pastor Mark Carter asks four questions that just may change your life. Don’t miss this one!

Make It Rain: Leak Issues

Debt. It’s a four-letter word. More than a third of Americans say they would be embarrassed if people found out how much debt they have. How do we get into debt? What does God say about how we should manage money? Pastor Mark Carter sheds some light on this uncomfortable topic and gives some Biblical guidelines on how to get out of debt.

Make It Rain: Personal CEO

Ever have one of those days where you ask yourself, “Why am I working here?” Is work a curse? Here are some encouraging words from Pastor Mark Carter about fours ways work is different when God is your personal CEO.

Make It Rain

The Bible is full of promises from God that he will give us prosperity. Why does God want to do this? And what is our part in receiving it? Pastor Mark Carter gleans wisdom from Deuteronomy 28 and lays out three important steps to make it rain.