Get A Grip: On Boasting

Are you all that? Braggadocio or not, this video will show you the only way to boast. Pastor Mark Carter continues his trek through the book of James, uncovering wisdom from which we can all benefit.

Get a Grip 1: On Double Mindedness

Where are you headed? Sometimes we feel like we’re not getting anywhere because we’re trying to go in two different directions. Pastor Mark Carter opens a new series that continues our journey through the book of James, explaining how to tell the difference between God’s will and your own.                 Subscribe in iTunes or listen online:

I Can’t Even 5: Handle This Mouth

Sticks and stones are not the only things that hurt. Pastor Arman Sheffey shares the wisdom from the book of James about the power of our words. Subscribe in iTunes or listen online:

I Can’t Even 4: Handle Those People

Is there someone who gets under your skin? Do you find yourself avoiding certain people because you just can’t stand being around them? Is it wrong to feel that way? Does God say anything about this? Pastor Mark Carter continues this series on the book of James, which deals with this and explains how peeps who follow Jesus need to check their attitudes.   Subscribe in iTunes or listen online:

Vision Sunday

Where are we headed? What could Torch of Faith look like in 10 years? How do we leave a legacy that continues to spread God’s love in the generations to come?