For Those To Come: The Cookie Message

Don’t worry: watching this video won’t put cookies on your device. 🙂 But it may make you think twice about why being generous is important. And what does it mean to be generous towards God and His church? Pastor Mark Carter sets the record straight about generosity in the church.

For Those to Come: Can You See It?

Do you ever wonder if you’re making a difference? Are you waiting for God to show you what His plan is? Pastor Mark Carter shares the story of Abraham and how to respond to our search for purpose. This is the first in the new series, For Those To Come, where we envision the future of Torch of Faith and how God will use us to reach out to those around us.

I Love My Church: Our Problem with Gifts

Many of us know what our gifts are, but don’t necessarily understand what to do with them. Whether you’ve been serving for decades or just about to take your first step in a ministry, this message is for you. Pastor Arman Sheffey shares God’s pro-tips on what to do (and not do) with our gifts.

I Love My Church: How to Stop a Move of God

There is nothing like experiencing God’s love within a church. But unfortunately there is something that can grow amidst God’s followers that can break churches apart from the inside out. Mackenzie Carter knows what it is and tells us all about it in this heart-tugging message.

I Love My Church: The Problem with Trying Harder

What is discipleship all about? Pastor Mark Carter gives us a glimpse of God’s priorities for us and walks us through how to embrace the process of discipleship.