Family Fixer Upper: They Make Me Want to Scream

All families are broken and believe it or not, God has ways to help fix them. A healed family doesn’t happen by sitting back and just hoping things will change. Feel motivated to help heal your family by watching Pastor Mark Carter share the story in Genesis about Jacob and his uncle Laban. God can remove dysfunction from our family.

Family Fixer Upper: Betrayal Through the Eyes of Faith

How do you respond to betrayal? How do you right the wrongs? Pastor Arman Sheffey shares Joseph’s story and shows us the doorway to forgiveness. The wise purposes of God give our family hardship meaning when we look through the eyes of faith.

Family Fixer Upper: How do I heal the pain that I’ve caused?

How do you fix some of the damage that you may have caused in your own family? Where do you begin? Pastor Arman Sheffey uses the story of Jacob and Esau to show us how to clean out a broken foundation and rebuild. Stay tuned for some encouraging and helpful words on healing and restoration for your family.

Family Fixer Upper: How Do I Stop the Pain?

What does a healthy family look like? Pastor Mark Carter goes back to the first couple who ever experienced brokenness; showing before and afters to better understand how to mend our family life.

Five Things We Simply Must Do

Do you have a case of Acedia? As a follower of Jesus, it’s in your best interest to take this checkup to find out. Especially now; it often starts with a Spring fever and then becomes chronic.