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Personal Capital – Free tools you need to manage your entire financial life from one place.

The Impact of Wealth – Multiple celebrities talk about the affect money can have on our life & spiritual well-being.

Online Budget Form – Create a budget online and print it!

Track Your Debt Visually – These sheets are designed to print off for visual progress as you track and pay off debt. CarTruckVanHouse

Dave Ramsey’s Budgeting Forms

Online Money Calculators – Figure out the power of saving or determine payments on all types of loans.

Teach Kids & Teens About Money – Rachel Cruze (Dave Ramsey’s Daughter) has a ton of free advice on how to  to help parents teach their kids how to manage money wisely.

Financial Peace University – Join a local 9 week class that helps you get out of debt & manage money God’s way!


Clearpoint – Credit Counseling and Debt Management. Get an accountable plan to get of debt.

Debt Snowball Tool – Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball Website.


The Total Money Makeover

Smart Money, Smart Kids

I Was Broke, Now I’m Not

Financial Peace

Blogs and Articles

20 Things Rich People Do Every Day – Becoming rich, by American standards, is way more achievable than you think.

Stuff to Buy

Debt Free: Snowball App – Visualize, monitor, and pay off your debts with this top rated iPhone app.

Financial Peace Junior (Ages 3-12) – Teach your children how to manage money so they can avoid costly mistakes as adults.

Envelope Budget System – Control and track spending by using a cash based envelope system.

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