Outpour of Love Offering


We’ve reached our goal for The Outpour of Love Offering.

$30,000 Goal Done!



To demonstrate God’s compassion for Hurricane victims.

Support is still urgently needed for victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma. Through Christian partnerships, Samaritan’s Purse is offering various forms of physical relief and the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Goal: $7,700 Done!







To meet the needs of displaced refugees.

With 21.3 million refugees around the world, we have a responsibility to support effective ministries that will meet the physical and spiritual needs  of the people in the most difficult of circumstances.  We will help to alleviate the suffering of displaced people through partnering with organizations who are on the ground abroad and here in the states.

Learn more about refugees.

Goal: $7,700 Done!







To expand the gospel & empower students through a week-long summer water-park conference.

The greatest impact a generation can have is by reaching out to the next generation. We want to remove every barrier for our students and guests that would keep them from attending a life-transforming week of fun, connection and the Gospel of Jesus!

Goal: $10,000 Done!








To improve the Sunday guest experience through revitalizing the Torch of Faith south hallway floor.

Every weekend we welcome those who don’t yet know Jesus Christ.  Environments say a lot to our guests, and the lobby is our front door experience! Continued improvements to our new lobby environment will let our community know that we have been preparing for them, and that they deserve our best.

Goal: $4,500 Done!








Every dollar raised above our $30K goal goes to support Torch of Faith ministry projects, to develop prevailing followers of Jesus Christ who walk with Him step by step.

We raised $4,919 to support ministry projects and develop prevailing followers of Jesus Christ who walk with Him step by step!