Ownership @ Torch of Faith

Members have rights, but owners have responsibilities.

At Torch of Faith, we want owners, not “members.” Still interested?  Watch the above series on Ownership at Torch of Faith that was preached in January 2017 entitled “All In.”

The five commitments of Ownership at Torch of Faith

1. I will be focused on pursuing Christ for my church family.

2. I will be a unifier of my church family.

3. I will sacrifice my rights for my church family.

4. I will be approachable, teachable and leadable for my church family.

5. I will be outrageously committed to helping people find God.


At Torch of Faith, we know we are not the only church out there. We don’t have the market cornered on Jesus and hard work. We may not be a certain person’s church and we are okay with that. We know that Torch of Faith is not for everybody, but we do believe that every believer should be part of a local church. We think that it is a spiritual impossibility for a person to love Jesus and not love the local church that Jesus died for.

At Torch of Faith, getting plugged into our church means becoming an Owner. This is because when you own something, you are invested in it. You do whatever it takes to grow and improve it. We believe every Jesus-follower should belong to a local church and take ownership of that church. Ownership expectations at Torch of Faith includes the following….

  • Serve in some capacity.
    • Use the talents God has given you within the church.
  • Be in a group two semesters a year.
    • Prioritize intentional community with God’s people.
  • Be a giver, moving toward the process of tithing.
    • Take the next step in using the money God has called you to steward to advance His church
  • Attend as often as you can.
    • You need God’s word and his people to grow. Unchurched Charlie needs you in order to grow.

Torch of Faith takes the month of January to talk about what it means to be an Owner at Torch of Faith. During January, you will have the opportunity to commit to Ownership during a Sunday Morning Worship Experience, or you can do it online now! Finding this information after January but still want to be an Owner? Contact hello@simplydifferent.church to speak to a Pastor about becoming an Owner.