Parent Commissioning @ Torch of Faith

Parent Commissioning

Parent Commissioning  is our first opportunity to partner with parents as you build a strong foundation for your children, teaching them to love God, love each other, and love the world. We desire to come alongside you, as you have children and learn what the Bible says about creating a gospel-centered home. There are two steps in this milestone for your family:

1. Parent Commissioning Orientation is the first step to Parent Commissioning at Torch of Faith. We discuss God’s design for parenting and how Torch of Faith plans to support you and partner with you in discipling your children.

2.Parent Commissioning Celebration is the second step, where we come together to celebrate your desire to raise your child up in a God-centered home. On the day of this celebration (during weekend services), we will bring you up onstage and pray for you as a church family.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Parent Commissioning Sunday, May 27th during the 9:15am service, with a mandatory Parent Meeting on May 20th during the 11am service.
  • Parent Commissioning Sunday July 1st during the 9:15am service, with a mandatory Parent Meeting on May 20th during the 11am service.

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Why we commission parents instead of doing Infant Baptism …

Parent Commissioning at Torch of Faith is not the same as infant baptism. We believe that baptism is a public statement of faith that can be made only by someone who has personally believed in Christ. Infants cannot make a personal decision to believe in Jesus. Older children, however, can make that personal decision. So, we do offer baptism for children in sixth grade and up.

Why we commission parents instead of doing Child Dedication …

1. We are beginning a partnership with parents.

 One role that our church must never take on is that of being the primary discipler of all our kids.  It’s a matter of principle: God wants mothers and fathers to be the front-line disciple-makers of their children’s lives.
By creating a milestone of Parent Commissioning (with its accompanying Parent Orientation class), we begin a committed partnership between our parents and the church, where we look to be a third-party presence confirming to the kids what the parents are already teaching at home. That milestone doesn’t have to happen when they are babies, either. We will commission families with preschool, elementary, and even middle-school aged kids.
If we can get dads and moms to accept their role as the primary disciplers of their kids at the beginning of our relationship, it sets us both up for success down the road as we partner with them in all phases of parenthood.

2. The home is the first mission field.

When we put the emphasis on the parents instead of on their kids, it sets the vision for our focus in family ministry: dad and mom. In the same way that we commission our missionaries to live overseas, we want to set our sights on parents embracing this role as God’s missionary to their kids. The home is our first mission field.
This means we take time three times a year in our services to put parents in front of our church. We explain the commitment they are making, and together as a body we pray for them and remind ourselves of the role we also must play as their church family.
If our parents truly are missionaries in the home, we want to send them into that mission field fully equipped. From prayer in the nursery, to resources for the home,  to elementary, middle, and high school small groups, our church is constantly looking to support and affirm the discipleship happening in the home. Parents are the tip of the spear in engaging kids with the gospel, but we want to do everything in our power to be the rest of the spear for them.

3. Parent Commissioning is more like a wedding than a baby dedication.

Rather than “dedicating” a child, which often does little to engage and commit the lives of the parents, we are sending and equipping our parents. We expect a level of commitment from the parents that generally doesn’t accompany baby dedications.

In other words (and to paraphrase the words of Abraham Lincoln), we cannot dedicate our children. It is rather for usto be dedicated to the great task remaining before us—to devote ourselves to seeing the gospel flourish in their young lives.
In this way, our ceremonies are more like weddings than baby dedications. As in a wedding, these people are standing in front of family, friends, and God, promising to fulfill the life-altering duties God has put in front of them. And together, our whole church gets to celebrate their declaration to raise their kids “in the training and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4 CSB). It’s an incredible commitment. We intend to remind them of that commitment regularly—as often as we remind them of God’s grace, which will provide the strength necessary to accomplish the task.



A Christian Parent’s Covenant

You will not have to recite a pledge during the ceremony. You should, however, read and decide whether you are able to commit to this pledge:

“Declaring Christ as Savior and Lord and believing in my heart that God raised Him from the dead, I this day acknowledge that my children are gifts from God, that I am a caretaker by His grace and, therefore, accept the responsibility for raising my family to know and follow Jesus.  As a Christian parent:


  • I will demonstrate for my child Christian integrity in my personal life.
  • I will teach my child the meaning of fidelity in my marriage.
  • I will show my child the meaning of fellowship and servanthood through my church.
  • I will model my faith in my life, in prayer, a Spirit-empowered and surrendered life, and the application of the Bible’s truth as I teach my child to follow Jesus as Lord.

With God as my strength, I promise to give my child every possible benefit of home, school, church, and community. And I ask His blessing upon him/her to guide and guard through all his/her years. Amen.”