The Wave

You Belong at the Wave July 16-19!

This summer, we’ll take as many teens as we can Wilderness Resort, America’s largest Water Park, to learn about Jesus and hang out with their friends. If you’re a middle or high school student, don’t miss the best week of the year!

Grades 6-12

#bestweekof 2018

Registration Ends June 15

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Q & A

What’s The Price? That’s everyone’s first thought, right? How much does this cost? Well, we want EVERY TEEN who wants to go to be able to go, along with all their friends! So we worked hard to bring the price down as much as possible.

the Wave Special of $165 Starts May 20 & ends June 1

If you pay the student deposit of $50 before June 1, you’ll get the Wave Special rate of $165. Pay the total amount due by June 15.

Regular Price $175

If you pay the student deposit of $50 after June 1, you’ll get the standard rate of $175. Pay the total amount due by June 15.

You can pay on this site!

Applications are due by Sunday, June 15!

Are There Refunds? The $50 deposit is nonrefundable but the rest is refundable if you cancel before June 15.

Who’s Speaking?

Meet Jason Foreman!  Favorite Food: Steak Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Book of the Bible: Romans Best Bowling Score: 249 Favorite Sport: Tennis Favorite TV Show: The office (I can quote just about every line from every episode)


Hailing from Winfield, IL I grew up in a Christian household that attended church every Sunday. I was super involved with all things church my whole life, but it wasn’t until my senior of High School that I really began to make my faith my own. I began to look to Jesus for my acceptance instead of others and that changed my whole life. I studied business and religious studies at Elmhurst College where I was involved with a Christian organization named Cru. I led a Bible study and talked with a bunch of people about Jesus! In addition to Cru I got involved with a fraternity, Alpha Sigma Phi. Literally, the greatest fraternity that has ever existed. The fraternity was an incredible place for ministry and God has done incredible work in the lives of my brothers.

I recently graduated from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS) with a Masters of Divinity. I love Jesus. I also love all things sports, being outside, playing board games, and playing harmless pranks on the loved ones in my life… I once spent 2.5 hours cramped in the trunk of a car for a gag.

Meet Andy Schmeck! Favorite Food: Ribs Favorite Color: Green Favorite Book of the Bible: Like asking which kid is my favorite… Best Bowling Score: 217 Favorite Sport: Basketball Favorite TV Show: Band of Brothers

I grew up in Princeton, IL, a small town 45 minutes north of Peoria. I came to faith in Christ the summer before my 6th-grade year, stopping a long streak of visits to the principal’s office. A little over a year later I started dating my most beautiful wife, Brookelynn. We have been married for 7 years and have two children, Oriella (2) and our redheaded Ronan (6mos.). I am currently the Pastor of Student Ministries at CrossLife in Libertyville, IL. I enjoy listening to books (not reading), plucking my bass, indulging in a meme or two, and playing Hide n’ Seek with my kids. And randomly, I am scared of heights but have been skydiving, get stressed by traveling, but have been to Israel, Western Europe, and Sub-Saharan Africa, and generally advise students not to date in Jr. High, while marrying my Jr. High sweetheart.

Meet Tony West Favorite Food: Anything Mediterranean or Mexican Favorite Color: Orange Favorite Book of the Bible: Gospel of John & the Psalms Best Bowling Score:  237 Favorite Sport:  Basketball & Baseball Favorite TV Show:  MLB Tonight & Whenever “Lord of the Rings” is on! : )

Tony grew up in the city of Chicago and came from a broken home—after losing his Mom to cancer, as a  young teen, Tony rebelled and yet kept asking the big questions of life.  He came to Christ later in High school and sensed a calling to empower students to make an eternal difference with their lives.  Tony currently serves as a Pastor at Long Grove Community Church.   He has taught character education in the public schools for several years with various organizations as well as being a speaker at churches for students on the topics of sexual purity and healthy dating relationships. Tony has a passion for communicating truth in a creative, life-changing manner so students can make healthy choices and live life to the fullest.   Tony holds a Master of Divinity Degree from Trinity University.  He and his wife, Debbie are the parents of three children.  Tony loves playing various sports such as Basketball & Volleyball, he enjoys being in nature and wildlife and has a passion for Urban & Cross-Cultural Ministry.

Who’s the Band? 

Meet Bobby Hoffman Favorite Food: Fries. Favorite Color: Brown Favorite Book of the Bible: James, John, Numbers Best Bowling Score: 190 Favorite Sport: Jiu Jitsu (but I’m no good) Favorite TV Show: Frasier

I came up in Las Vegas in a relatively small church, playing music at school and on various worship teams. I was fortunate enough to accept Jesus when I was a little kid and have parents that actually follow Jesus. As much as I love leaps and bounds and taking risks, God seems to work in me in baby steps. I started playing on worship teams for the first time when I was 14, and began leading the worship department for youth shortly after I began college.  I was the Worship Team Leader at TheSocial youth ministry for nearly 7 years, led middle school and high school small groups for 3 years, and was a part of the TheSocial’s volunteer leadership team for 8 years. In June 2017 I moved to LA, where I work in advertising and joined Hillsong Church. I get to serve our Men’s ministry, lead a small group, and oversee a handful of the teams that run our Sunday night services. And I also met this girl… so yeah, good stuff. This is gonna be a PARTY 😀

Meet Juan Freeman Favorite Food: Sushi!!! Favorite Color: Black Favorite Book of the Bible: Revelation Best Bowling Score: 120 something Favorite Sport: Basketball Favorite TV Show: THE OFFICE!!!!

What’s good. What’s really good. I was born in Flint Michigan but was raised in the badlands of Las Vegas. I started my walk with God at the age of 11 and a little while later I joined the youth worship team at Crossroads Community Church at age 12. I’ve served in a variety of ministries at church ranging from kids ministry to the adult worship team. I loved serving and being apart of impacting people’s lives so much I decided I wanted to be a pastor. I feel like God has given me a servant’s heart and a heart for the people, so what better way to serve than to help be a light in people’s spiritual journeys. I am currently studying at the Chicago Masters Commission, which is a bible college where you can spend up to three years serving the people of Chicago and being poured into by the amazing pastors and leaders of New Life Covenant.

I love playing guitar and working with other musicians, watching basketball, eating, being outside (when its not 1000℉…. Vegas is hot) chilling with the homies, and most importantly long walks on the beach.


Meet Justin Bengco! Fav food: Anything Organic Fav color: yellow Fav Book: Isaiah Best bowling score: 110 (with bumpers) Fav Sport: MMA and Basketball Fav TV show: The Backyardigans

Salutations. My name is Justin, and I am a part of the Worship Band for The Wave! I originate from the mean streets of Las Vegas, Nevada and I moved out to Illinois with my younger brother Jared (JareBear) in the summer of 2017 and have called Torch of Faith my home ever since. My dad took my brother and I to church ever since I was 4 years old. My brother and I started going to youth ministry called, TheSocial, my freshman year of high school and man… it was the greatest moment of my life. I made so many awesome friends (who I still talk to today) and had the best leaders pour into me. I was just so fired up for Jesus, and I wanted to do more! I started serving on TheSocial’s Youth Worship band and helped lead worship with Bobby and Juan… and the rest is history! I will be attending the Bible school, Chicago Master’s Commission, this fall in hopes of becoming a pastor!

I am a fun-loving guy who loves to laugh and is always looking for a good time. I love to partake in many hipster customs, trends, and activities such as… Coffee brewing. Man-buns. Skinny jean shopping. Scrolling through vegan recipes on Pinterest… that type of stuff. I also love to sing and play guitar, and I also do MMA. Oh yeah… I too like long walks on the beach.