Weddings at Torch of Faith

Torch of Faith believes marriage is:

  • done in partnership with the Holy Spirit and with the support of the local church
  • a union that is uniquely blessed by the Lord and a blessing to the world, the church and society, and in most cases, posterity.

Torch of Faith is not in the “wedding” business, but in the “marriage development” business.  For that reason, our efforts and energies are poured solely into developing healthy marriages of those who are “owners” of Torch of Faith.

Couples seeking to be married by a Torch of Faith pastor must:

Torch of Faith loves and welcomes same-sex couples, but we will only officiate marriages between believing male-female couples.

Please contact Pastor Arman Sheffey or another of our pastors directly to see if they are available for your wedding date.  Pastor Carter does not officiate weddings at this time.

*Marriage mentors must be owners of Torch of Faith and have personally been through the Pre-Wed Class.  This counseling relationship is for the purpose of ongoing counseling in marriage-related topics.

To inquire about using the Torch of Faith building for your wedding, please contact Building and Grounds Director Laura Sell.

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